Monday, July 28, 2008

first shot

it's a shame that blogspot crops the hell out of the images...augh!
this is kaat...some of you may remember old drawings of her from my VCL days...her design is about 11 years old, now. still a favorite of mine, though. she's always fun to draw when i don't know what i really want to work on.

oldie from last year - doodle of chase mallory - from the story i am writing that pays homage to werewolf: the apocalypse, which was basically my life as a teenager. sad.
this is probably the best drawing of this character i have ever done. her face turned out exactly how i always envisioned it.

another oldie:
when i worked for pall life sciences as a microbiologist [prior to moving to los angeles for chiropractic school] i had a lot of experiences that often reminded me of a really bad cartoon. i wanted to recreate some of the goings on at pall corp by making little comic strips. the first step was to make caricatures of my coworker, my boss, and of course - myself. i didn't get beyond the sketch of myself ...however, this is a pretty accurate depiction of my usual on-the-job expression, and the fact that i essentially lived on coffee.
hell, i still live on coffee...